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Analytics Glossary

Average Revenue

  • Pertains to average order revenue.

  • Integral to revenue attribution tracking.

Bounce Rate

  • Denotes the proportion of visitors viewing just one page.

  • High bounce rates? Consider setting up custom events. Interactions with custom events decrease the bounce rate.


  • Displays browser brands used by visitors.

  • Click on the brand for version details.

  • Metrics represent percentages and unique visitor count.

Conversion Rate

  • Percentage of visitors performing desired actions (e.g., newsletter subscriptions).

  • Formula: (Unique conversions / Unique visitors). Values may vary depending on dashboard filters.

Current Visitors

  • Reflects active visitors in the past 5 minutes.

  • Independent of dashboard filters.

  • Click to see active pages.

Direct / None

  • Includes manual URL entries and email link clicks.

  • Other visitors lacking a referrer header are also included.

Entry Pages & Exit Pages

  • First and last pages viewed by visitors.

Exit Rate

  • Frequency of specific page exits.

  • Formula: Exits / Total pageviews for the page.

File Downloads

  • Tracks file download numbers.

  • Not activated by default. Create goal with an exact name File Download

  • Track following file formats:


  • Trace the visitor journey from entry to conversion.

  • Coming Soon


  • Track significant visitor actions (e.g., account signups).

  • Can integrate custom properties. Discover more.


  • Shows visitor origin by country, region, and city.

(Not set)

  • Used when specific metrics can't be identified.

  • Represents a minor fraction of total traffic.

Operating System

  • Displays visitor OS brands.

  • Click on the brand for version details.

Outbound Link Clicks

  • Monitor clicks on external links.

Referrer Drilldown

  • Click on a source for detailed insights on inbound links and traffic trends.

Screen Size

  • Categories: Desktop, mobile, or tablet.

  • Based on User-Agent HTTP header.


  • Lists referral sources driving traffic.

Time on Page

  • Average duration visitors spend on a page.

  • Timing discrepancies may arise between Plausible and Google's Universal Analytics.

Total Conversions & Total Pageviews

  • Cumulative count of goals achieved and page loads.

Total Revenue

  • Cumulative order revenue.

  • Integral to revenue attribution tracking.

UTM parameters

  • Minimize "Direct / None" traffic by tagging links.

  • Supported parameters: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_content, utm_term.

Unique Conversions & Unique Visitors

  • Counts individual goal achievements and site visitors.

  • Privacy-centric approach.

Views Per Visit (or Pages / Session)

  • Average pageviews per visit, including repeated views.

Visit Duration

  • Average duration visitors stay.

  • Single-page visits default to 0 seconds. Set up custom events for a detailed analysis.

Visits (or Sessions)

  • A session represents a visitor's activity set.

  • Starts upon page entry and concludes after 30 minutes of inactivity.

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