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Pineapple grow_2

AI-Powered Business

Build your website in 30 seconds.


Get Online

Get your business online in no-time. Train AI about your business and let it work on your website and SEO.

Blog and SEO

Use AI to create content for your pages and blog to grow your online discoverability to bring more leads.

AI Employee

Need Marketer, Sales, Designer, or Developer's? No problem, use your trained AI Buddy - available 24/7

AI-Generated Websites For Businesses

AI Website Builder that Generates any Website.


Generate. Customize. Grow

Build your business in under 5 minutes.

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section 1

Train Your AI Employee

Describe your Business, and AI will hire and build your website team!

e.g., "Website for my freelance social media agency."

Describe it

Empower your business with AI. Define your objectives, identify your target market, establish your unique tone of voice and highlight what sets you apart. Allow AI to construct all your webpages seamlessly.

Generate AI Copy + Design

Harness the potential of AI to fabricate unique landing pages, precisely designed to mirror your business and captivate your intended audience.

Customize your style

Personalize your website to align seamlessly with your brand's essence. From typography and color schemes to button styles, we've got you covered.

Simple Mighty Editor

section 2
section 2

AI-Auto Pilot

Delegate tasks to AI Buddy to help you grow your business.

Your Next Best Hire

Meet your new team member - AI that works round the clock for your business success.

AI Writer

Elevate your website's content with AI Text. This cutting-edge tool meticulously refines and updates your copy, ensuring it remains consistently engaging and relevant.


Amplify your site's presence with AI SEO. It autonomously creates SEO tags and descriptions, propelling your visibility in search engine rankings.

AI Designer

Transform your website's look effortlessly. The AI Designer adapts and updates your site's design to match your evolving style and preferences.

AI Blogger

Let AI Blogger be your personal content creator. It translates your expertise into compelling blog posts to enhance your business's SEO.

AI Developer

From publishing pages to fine-tuning CSS, the AI Developer streamlines your site's development process, offering guidance every step of the way.

section 3
section 3


All Your Business Needs in One Place.


Integrate an array of widgets personalized to suit your specific requirements. Be it Bookings, Forms, Email Marketing or Chats...

CMS Integration (Beta)

Integrate your website with Airtable or use internal CMS to manage all your data.


Leverage our intuitive analytics tool to gain deeper insights into your audience - all without the stress of GDPR or cookie concerns. For enhanced versatility, seamlessly integrate with other platforms like Google Analytics.

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SEO, Analytics, features
SEO, Analytics, features


Full flexibility

Experience unrestricted customization by effortlessly incorporating your favorite apps into your website. A single click is all it takes to adapt and elevate your platform to match your individual needs.







pineapple builder integrations
pineapple builder integrations
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AI Blog Writer

3x faster

Share your knowledge and gain more traffic. We optimized your blog, so it will rank fast on Google. Use our AI to create a blog that matches your keywords and tone of voice.

SEO optimised

AI assistant

Ultra fast loading

Blog with domain


Support 24/7

Availability: Our 24/7 customer support ensures assistance is available anytime, day or night, to help with building your website.

Faster Problem Resolution: With round-the-clock support, issues can be addressed immediately, reducing downtime and ensuring a smooth website building experience.

Personalized Guidance: Our support team provides custom advice and solutions based on your specific website needs and challenges.

Increased Efficiency: Continuous support can expedite the website building process by answering questions and resolving stumbling blocks promptly.

Support 24/7 pineapple builder
pineapple builder templates
pineapple builder templates



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