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Great SEO can be simple.


SEO Mastery

SEO Tags

Add your SEO data, not like a robot, but with a simple editor. You can add your Title, Description or hide your website from search engines.


Add your Images or GIFs to your website, so it will look great when shared on socials.


Preview how your page will look in Google results directly in the editor before publishing it.

IMAGES (Early access)

Dynamic OG Images

SEO Images

Don't waste time designing OG Images for each page or blog post so that you can quickly generate images matching your brand. Just add text relevant to your page, and you are done.

%150 more

URLs with images get %150 more engagement than simple links or with irrelevant images.


Social Cards

Social Media

Share your website link, and we will render great Social Media Cards with your preview image.


Add your Twitter handle, and your page will look great as a full card.

social cards
social cards

Google results


SEO optimized

Pineapple works for big brands. It will work for you. Each page is optimized for search engines, delivering the best performance scores for search engines and your users.


Your Blog post will get extra powers with the best optimizations for readability and SEO engines, which will convert to excellent SEO ranking.

Simple URL

All URL's links are clean and friendly to people and search engines. With a simple folder structure approach, you can manage your pages like files on your computer.

seo files_2
seo files_2

SEO Crawlers

SEO Engines


Is generated each time you update your website pages. This process is fully automatic, and you will be able to access it under your domain

Robots.txt and "nofollow"

.txt file is generated and all tags to your page e.g. "nofollow" if you decide to block some of your pages from search engine crawlers. You can access your file under

Mobile optimizations

Each site is optimized for a mobile experience and also, for search engines.

templates trans
templates trans



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