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Work Smarter with AI

Seamless integration of AI technology with your business through ChatGPT.

Describe your needs to us, and let our AI tool take the reins to revitalize your website.

It can understand, learn from, and respond to user queries in real-time. It can handle complex tasks, manage bookings, and offer personalized recommendations.

gpts pineapple_website_builder
gpts pineapple_website_builder
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chat gpts_store


Leverage Thousand of OpenAI's ChatGPTs

With Pineapple's Custom ChatGPT, Create Your Business Website in Minutes, including

Website Outline
Business Details
Target Audience
Marketing Strategy

Why use Custom ChatGPT?

Generate Business Names

You don't need to spend hours brainstorming. Get a unique and catchy business name in seconds.

Define Your Business Details

Understands your business needs and helps define your business details precisely and comprehensively.

Craft Unique Selling Propositions (USP)

Let AI develop an engaging USP that sets you apart from competitors.

Connect Effectively with Your Target Audience

Mastering the Art of Tailored Communication: Reach and Engage Your Audience Effectively


Share what you're offering and elaborate on the experience you want your customers to have.

  • "Generate a website for my landing service focusing on Airbnb cleaning."

  • "Create a website that showcases our organic skincare line."

  • "Create a landing page for our personalized fitness training service."

gpts results
gpts results
templates examples_hero
templates examples_hero

Pick Starting Point

Experience unique designs for your landing page, coupled with bespoke copywriting and personalized images that perfectly match your product.

Make it Yours

Dive into our diverse range of page and section designs, and keep exploring until you pinpoint the perfect one that seamlessly encapsulates your brand's essence and vision.

beauty template_ruge
beauty template_ruge
easy editor_simple
easy editor_simple

Easy Editing

Edit with ease using our AI-powered, intuitive editor. Keep your design fresh and on-brand effortlessly.

Publish and Host

Publish and host your page seamlessly with just one click. It's fast, it's convenient, and it's ready when you are.

perf score_100
perf score_100

No OpenAI Plus Subscription?

Try a simpler version for free.

Describe your business and get your website live!

Build Your Website.

No more excuses to not build your website for your business. Take action and try Pineapple's custom chatGPT for Plus users, or try it for free.

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