Pineapple Builder

All the features you need.

No extra plugins to run your website and business.

Title for image

No Code Editor

Simple Editor

Simply add elements to your website and customize them as you want.

Dynamic Templates

You don't have to build it from scratch. We have many templates for different sections and pages you can customize to your needs.


Add more images or pic from free stock Images provided by Unsplash.

Theme Variants

Based on your brand colors we will generate different variations, which you can use in your sections.

Image Editor

Edit your images on the fly, flip, rotate, add gradients, filters and text with emoji.

Responsive Design

From phones to desktop screens, your website will look great. You can preview it and check all breakpoints.


Simplified editor

Just type "/" to see available options for styling your blog post. A simplified blog editor allows you to focus on your content.

Password protected

Create premium content and share it only with your paid customers.

SEO optimized

Blog post pages are optimized for speed, so your content can rank better under Google search results.

Categories and Tags

Add keywords to your blog post, so your audience can filter and find relevant content with ease.

Simple URLs

All URL links are clean and friendly to people and search engines, so you can manage your blog with simple folders.

Social links

Add tags and generate OG images dynamically for each blog post to attract more users.


SEO Tags

Add your SEO data, not like a robot, but with a simple editor. You can add your Title, Description or hide your website from search engines.

Social Cards

Don't waste time designing OG Images for each page or blog post so that you can quickly generate images matching your brand.

SEO optimized

Your website runs on the best and fastest infrastructure around the world, with each page optimized for SEO.


Get notifications for missing SEO and optimization tips. You can see it all from your dashboard.

Twitter Cards

Get great Card previews for your website's link on Twitter, just by adding your Twitter handle.

Search Engines

Sitemap.xml and Robots.tsx are automatically generated and updated when you update your website, to support your website's indexing.


Simple Analytics

Analytics that guides your decisions. See your Top Sources and create simple links with UTM parameters to track your link engagement.


Set goals for your website and be motivated to unlock the next levels of engagement.


Browse simple reports and see how you are improving in converting your customers into sales.

Funnel Tracking

It's essential to know how many customers click, e.g. "subscribe" or "add to cart" button. With Pineapple Builder, you can easily add these events to your website, e.g. a button.

No cookies, no problems

No need for cookie banners or GDPR consent. Your analytics are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR.

A/B Testing

Not sure which version of your website converts better? We got you covered. You can create different versions of your page, and your audience can decide which version converts better.



Add Facebook Pixel, TikTok, GTMs, and other pixels to track your ads' conversions easily.


Promote your products and create protected pages with Paddle checkout or connect your shop with all well-known platforms.


Integrate a newsletter or contact form with your favorite email marketing provider.


Booking platforms can be easily integrated into your website with a range of options.


Add Google Analytics 4, simply by enabling it from your dashboard with the API key.


Add forms using your favorite platform to capture all necessary information. TallyForms, TypeForm, and many more.


Notion style

Manage your pages like files on the computer. Create folders and group them as you want.

Website status

Check your website status from a simple dashboard and be notified when something is missing.

Ready for scale

Organize your website from 1 to 1000+ pages with a simple manger and search.

Image and Video

Manage your assets, for your brand and share them between different pages.

Page History

Create a version of your page, so you can always go back in time.

Custom Domains

Connect your own domain in two simple steps. Our automated process will guide you through it. It takes just 2 minutes.

pineapple templates
pineapple templates



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