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Do you want to start your business, but don't know how?

Find a problem you want to solve, and customers

who want to pay you.


Do you want to start, but not sure:

  • Where to start?

  • What business should I start?

  • What is the best way to start?

  • Should I start with the idea first or my audience?

  • What do I need to do to start a business?

Working hard without results

  • You work hard 8+ hours a day. Everyday.

  • You have many side projects.

  • You build your social audience every day.

  • You try all the marketing strategies possible.

  • You talk to your users.

Maybe you have tried to build your brand first.

  • Designing new logo and brand colors.

  • Spending hours building your beautiful website with cool gradients.

  • Writing down your business plan.

  • Doing endless research on your market and competitors.

team peter_3158f981feef9f33e62e2c0d96299db4
team peter_3158f981feef9f33e62e2c0d96299db4


Hi, I am Peter

I have been there. I tried all different approaches and failed.

For the last 10+ years, I tried to build 10+ different services, products and failed. Until I decided to change my approach to master my skills first.

This leads me to build Tech Accelerator - Aurity and work with many startups in London and Enterprises.

But I am still learning, and the best learnings I've got are from YC Startup Schools. Now I want to share it all with you in a simple form, so you can start building too.


We are building it all for you.

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