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Meta pixel is a small image that is placed on a web page and used to track web page visits. The meta pixel is used to collect data about the web page visitor, such as the web browser used, the visitor's IP address, and the time of the visit. The meta pixel is also used to track the number of times a web page is visited and to track the number of clicks on a web page.

Connect your Meta pixel with Pineapple Builder to track your customer's conversions for Meta ads and engagement with Meta platform.

Main benefits


Target your ads to specific audiences that are more likely to convert.


Allows you to track conversions on your website.


Understand which ads are driving conversions and which ones are not.

Add Meta Pixel to Pineapple Builder

We advise integrating your Meta Pixel via Tag Manager or Segment to simplify the way you track conversions from your ads.

Integration with Segment

Integration with Tag Manager


Go to your published website and refresh it to see your changes. Depending on the integration, this can take from 1- 15 seconds.

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