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A simple Email Collection strategy streamlines customer engagement, fosters ongoing communication, and serves as a cost-effective tool for business growth.

Harnessing a straightforward email collection method can be the driving force behind bolstering your customer base, enhancing your marketing efforts and ultimately, accelerating your business growth. It's an effortless yet powerful way to stay connected with your audience, keeping them informed about latest updates or offerings which in turn encourages customer loyalty and increases revenue potential.

Collect Emails

In the Editor, add the "Subscribe Member" component from the "Special Component" category to your desired website section. Configure it with relevant category information for effective email categorization.

block components_2
block components_2

Design Components List

Members Dashboard

After collecting the first emails, you will see the list of Emails and Category groups from your "Main Dashboard," as this information is shared across all your website projects.

members dashboard
members dashboard

Members Dashboard

Use Cases

Collect customer emails. Here are a few strategies on how to effectively utilize them.


Invite your customers to join your mailing list, offering them a first-hand view of the exciting developments and exclusive offers from your business. Keeping them updated with regular newsletters not only enhances brand engagement but also fosters an ongoing relationship that can drive customer loyalty and growth.


Empower your community by sharing valuable insights through an easily accessible form, paving the way for a more educated and engaged audience. Additionally, spread your wealth of knowledge further by offering ebooks, providing comprehensive guidance and nurturing a learning environment that promotes growth and conversation around your brand.

Lead Magnets

Entice potential customers by providing complimentary giveaways, serving as a powerful catalyst for lead generation. These freebies not only pique interest but also establish goodwill, encouraging more interactions with your brand and creating opportunities to convert these leads into loyal customers.


Contests are interactive tool to stimulate audience engagement. By encouraging participation in these exciting challenges, you can foster a lively community atmosphere while simultaneously promoting your brand’s visibility and appeal.


Specially formulated checklists that encapsulate your unique approach to problem-solving. This not only provides practical solutions for specific challenges but also offers insight into the efficient methods and processes your brand uses, further establishing your expertise in the field.


Create anticipation and garner interest for your products or services by implementing a waitlist. This strategy not only builds excitement among potential customers, but also allows you to gauge the demand in advance. It serves as an excellent way of nurturing leads until they are ready to convert into satisfied customers, keeping them engaged with updates and ensuring your offering remains top-of-mind.

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