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Do you want to gather emails from your users to build your customer base? Here, we outlined a couple of options for you.

Simple Email Collections

Add Forms

Pick one of the blocks under the "Forms" tab to add a form.

add forms_elements_2
add forms_elements_2

Add Forms

Website forms serve as a critical communication bridge between your business and its audience. They facilitate seamless interaction, allowing you to gain valuable user insights, nurture leads and build lasting relationships.

1. Data Collection: Forms allow you to collect information about your users, such as their contact information, preferences, and feedback. This data can be used to understand your audience better and make data-driven decisions.

2. Lead Generation: If you're a business, forms can be particularly useful for lead generation. When users fill out a form, they express interest in your product or service, which can be followed up for potential sales.

3. User Engagement: Forms can engage users, encouraging them to interact with your website. This can improve user experience and increase the time spent on your site.

4. Communication: Forms provide a structured way for users to communicate with you. They can be used for various purposes, such as inquiries, bookings, registrations, or even complaints.

5. Streamline Processes: Forms can help automate processes like sign-ups, subscriptions, or orders, making these tasks more efficient and user-friendly.

Gather Emails

You can easily gather emails by incorporating the "Subscription Member" component onto your website. This can be done with just a single click. Not only does this allow you to collect user emails, but it also enables you to create distinct categories for each form.

Tracking all users becomes a simple task as you can directly monitor them from your dashboard. For more details, see the Members doc.

Advanced Forms

With our paid plans, you have the ability to add any form through the embed component. This feature enables you to design advanced multistep forms tailored to your specific needs. For more information, check out our Example Integrations. There, you will find the "Forms" section, which provides further details. You can also rely on our docs with more embed examples.

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