We have a plan for any budget.


new ideas or personal cv


3x live pages

Pineapple domain

free SSL and CDN

24/7 support


for starting businesses



Everything in STARTER, plus

unlimited pages

custom domain

no "Pineapple" badge

2x faster pages



small business and bloggers



Everything in BASIC, plus

unlimited blog

SEO blog plus

2x faster blog

5 team members

Google Maps


analytics (beta)

passwords pages

CMS (coming soon)


accelerate your business



Everything in GROW, plus

zoom academy

free domain*

24/7 priority support

unlimited assets

unlimited members

AI Writer (beta)

dynamic OG images (beta)

A/B testing (beta)

new features priority


Can I connect my custom domain?

You can connect any custom domain to the Pineapple website. All of this you can manage from website domain page.

Does Pineapple provide web hosting?

Yes, we will host your website and manage all SSL certificates so you can publish your website with just one click.

Do I need my custom domain?

No, we can publish your page under the Pineapple subdomain e.g.

What domain can I get for free?

With "Scale" yearly plan, we provide you with a free domain from the most well knows providers, e.g. .com or and many more.

Are Pineapple websites SEO-friendly?

Yes, we put a lot of effort into making your website as fast as possible out of the box. We will also guide you with SEO tips so that it can rank better.

Are Pineapple websites fast?

We optimized your website and blog posts to provide the best loading time. Your page should achieve scores from 90 to 100 using Google Lighthouse performance tool.

Are Pineapple blogs optimized?

We use a simplified page structure for a blog post to ensure it is optimized for better readability. 

What will be my blog URL?

You can manage your blog by just adding blog posts, which will be available under

Do you support sitemap.xml?

We will generate your sitemap.xml file each time you update your website pages. This process is fully automatic, and you will be able to access it under your domain

Do you support robots.txt and "nofollow"?

Yes, we will generate a "robots.txt" file for your domain and add all necessary tags to your page e.g. "nofollow" if you decide to block some of your pages from search engine crawlers. You can access your file under

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, you can manage your invoices via our payment provider, Paddle, which handles different countries worldwide.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan? 

Yes, at any time, in your website billing. You will be billed the prorated difference between your old and new plans when upgrading. Downgrades will be scheduled on your next billing date.

Can I get a VAT invoice?

Yes, you can add your VAT number during the payment process to calculate your relevant VAT tariff.

Can I cancel my plan?

You, can cancel your plan at any time from the website billings page.

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