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With Waitlist you can generate buzz and excitement for your upcoming product launch. It gives you the ability to create a landing page for your product announcement and build an email list of people who are interested in your product.

You can also create viral loops with the waitlist feature by offering incentives for those who refer their friends to sign up. This encourages more people to sign up and boosts the reach of your product launch.

Furthermore, the waitlist feature provides advanced analytics to track the performance of your waitlist, such as the number of signups, referrals, and conversions. You can use this data to fine-tune your product launch strategy and maximize your success.

Finally, Waitlist also offers leaderboards, badges, and other gamification elements to keep your waitlist members engaged and motivated. With these tools, you can further drive interest and excitement for your product launch.

Main benefits

Built-in Referrals.

We create referral links that your users can share with others to move up on the Waitlist.

Customizable Emails

Send emails with your own text and logo, while using our referral links and business logic.


See rich insights about signups, views, referral channels, spam signups, and more.

Add Waitlist to Pineapple Builder

Step 1: Add "Embed" component

In editor Add embed component with "plus" button before or after the component and choose Embed (code)

Embed 2
Embed 2
Step 2: Edit "Embed" component
Embed 3
Embed 3

Step 3: Copy Iframe code

Navigate to Waitlist dashboard, create a form and copy the code. You can find more details here.

Waitlist copy_code
Waitlist copy_code
Step 4: Pased your code under Embed (code) on the left panel.
waitlist code
waitlist code

Tip: make sure the height for the component is set up correctly, as otherwise bottom parts of your embedded codes might be not visible or clickable.

Waitlist final
Waitlist final

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