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Testimonials are an important way for businesses to establish trust with potential customers. Testimonials provide social proof that a company is trustworthy and provides quality products or services.

They are also a great way to showcase a company’s accomplishments and show potential customers that others have enjoyed their experience. Pineapple Builder makes it easy to add testimonials to a website with drag and drop builder. They also provide tools to easily collect and manage testimonials, so businesses can keep their website up to date with the latest customer feedback.

Main benefits

Quick to setup

Create a dedicated landing page for your business. Share the page link easily via email, social media, or even SMS. Setup can be done in two minutes.

More social proof

If you have testimonials on social media (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn etc), video hosting platforms (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo), and other review sites (e.g. G2, Google, Capterra, Yelp etc), bring them all to your account. Testimonial helps you manage all your social proof in a single place!

Track the metrics

Track the metrics from all embedded videos, help your marketing team understand the performance at a glance, even promote the best-performing videos to different marketing channels.

Add Testimonial to Pineapple Builder

Step 1: Add "Embed" component

In editor Add embed component with "plus" button before or after the component and choose Embed (code)

Embed 2
Embed 2
Step 2: Edit "Embed" component
Embed 3
Embed 3

Step 3: Copy Iframe code

Navigate to Testimonial dashboard, create a form and copy the code. You can find more details here.

Testimonial copy_code
Testimonial copy_code
Step 4: Pased your code under Embed (code) on the left panel.
Testimonial code
Testimonial code

Tip: make sure the height for the component is set up correctly, as otherwise bottom parts of your embedded codes might be not visible or clickable.

Testimonial final
Testimonial final

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