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Framewall - is a one place to manage, customize all your social proof with ease. It allows to collect testimonials from customers, organize them into categories, customize their appearance & show it on your website in a few clicks.

Framewall will help you to use Social Proof to increase sales for your business. You will be able to convert website visitors into customers with testimonials. Collect & display social proof from real people in multiple ways to win customers.

Main benefits

Testimonial Widgets

Famewall's got multiple widget types to suit your brand style.
Just copy & paste 2 lines of code.
Use them on your sign up page, landing page, community page, pricing page & more!

Video testimonials

Collect video testimonials by just sharing a link on email, chat, social media or website.
Get instant testimonials when your customers submit them.
Add them to your wall in minutes. Famewall takes care of hosting & streaming it fast!

Custom Landing Pages

The new replacement for your Link in Bio.
Display all your products & offerings in a single place.
Show social proof collected using Famewall and convert customers faster.

Add Famewall to Pineapple Builder

Step 1: Add "Embed" component

In editor Add embed component with "plus" button before or after the component and choose Embed (code)

Embed 2
Embed 2
Step 2: Edit "Embed" component
Embed 3
Embed 3

Step 3: Copy Iframe code

Navigate to Famewall dashboard, create a form and copy the code. You can find more details here.

Famewall copy_code
Famewall copy_code
Step 4: Pased your code under Embed (code) on the left panel.
famewall code
famewall code
Famewall final
Famewall final

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