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07 May 2023 -



2 years of building: What we have learned about building First AI Website Builder


How it all started?

It all started at my Tech Accelerator -, where we were dedicated to helping startups and enterprises build products from 7 to 100x faster, which I started in 2009. We used our technology to accelerate development, making building websites and mobile applications significantly faster through reusable blocks, automation, best practices, and the startup's agile processes in tandem with great dev skills.

After successfully completing a massive project for one of our biggest clients, which involved 120 development teams, we realized it was time to take our expertise and wrap it into a platform that could empower individuals.

Our vision was to create a platform that allowed people to build their own products, websites, and mobile applications using an easy drag-and-drop, no-code approach. This would enable them to take control of their businesses and bring their ideas to life without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Delivering Value: Saving £2 Million - Validation

As we witnessed firsthand, our technology saved one of our clients around £2 million in just six months. This incredible result demonstrated the immense value that our platform could bring not only to large enterprises but also to individual customers. With such a significant impact on our client's bottom line, we knew that we had a powerful solution that could benefit a wide range of customers. By making our technology more accessible and user-friendly, we aimed to bring the same level of value to small businesses, solo founders, and solo entrepreneurs.

Mission: Empowering Individuals

Our mission with Pineapple Builder is to empower individuals to build and grow their businesses by providing them with a powerful, AI-driven website builder that saves them time and money. By doing so, we hope to contribute to their success and help them achieve their goals.

Our 1st Problem - too wide

Creating a new product as powerful as our initial vision would take months, if not years, to build. The most challenging aspect of this process would be designing a seamless and intuitive user experience (UX) that catered to our diverse target audience.

Given the complexities involved, we decided to simplify both our target audience and the product itself. Instead of attempting to create an all-encompassing solution, we chose to focus on developing a simple website builder that would still deliver significant value to our users. By narrowing our focus and concentrating on the core features that would benefit our target audience of SaaS small businesses, solo founders, and solo entrepreneurs, we created the first initial version in a month with the first paying customer.

2nd Problem - too little

After acquiring our first 3 to 4 customers, we began to understand the direction we needed to take. We realized that simply providing a website builder was not enough to truly help our customers grow their businesses.

A website alone, without traffic, is like a business card

it doesn't effectively solve the problem of business growth. We recognized that we needed to expand our knowledge and create additional solutions and features to truly support our customers in their growth journey. This realization led us to spend several months investigating and learning more about the industry, its different segments, and how we could address the challenges faced by our customers.

Disrupting the Industry

We knew from the beginning that we didn't want to be just another website builder. Our goal was to disrupt the industry and empower people tenfold, providing a truly unique and valuable solution for small business owners. We believed that AI would be the key to achieving this vision. By integrating AI into our platform, we could help small business owners build their websites quickly and efficiently, with top-notch copy and content that rivals the work of the best marketers and copywriters.

AI-Powered Website Building

Pineapple Builder harnesses the power of AI to create a seamless website building experience. Our platform allows users to create professional, high-quality websites in no time, without the need for extensive technical knowledge. AI-driven platform also generates top-tier copy and content, ensuring that our users' websites look not only great but also effectively communicate their brand message and value proposition. By providing a powerful, AI-driven solution, Pineapple Builder empowers small business owners to build and grow their businesses with ease. Our platform offers the tools and resources needed to create a strong online presence and attract the right audience, all while saving time and money.

Key Mistakes

When looking back, it's easy to see things we could have done better, made decisions faster, or changed direction more quickly. However, the truth is that we can't really see these improvements without making mistakes in the first place. Just as AI learns from data to make predictions, we too must make mistakes and learn from them.

The Importance of Community and Feedback

Now, we place a greater emphasis on reaching out to our community and gathering as much feedback as possible. This is essential for any business to truly understand the market and the problems they're trying to solve. By talking to customers, testing hypotheses, and validating them with real users, we can make more informed decisions and refine our strategies.

The Need for Large-Scale Validation

It's important to remember that validating hypotheses with just a handful of users isn't enough. To truly understand the market and make data-driven decisions, we need input from a larger user base. This approach allows us to act like data scientists, ensuring that we have enough exposure to make informed decisions and develop effective business strategies.

Key Takeaways

1. Embrace mistakes as learning opportunities.
2. Engage with the community and gather feedback.
3. Validate hypotheses with a large user base (1k+)
4. Use data-driven insights to make informed decisions and refine strategies.

The secret:

In the past, I explored 13 different projects and ideas with varying degrees of success, but mostly failures. One project, which I never intended to turn into a company, ended up being very successful. This experience taught me the importance of focusing on my strengths and pursuing what I truly enjoy. By concentrating on my passion for building products, I founded an accelerator and an agency. This venture proved to be fruitful, with a yearly turnover of nearly $1 million each year. Only my personal infinite drive to learn and improve building tech products allowed me to really understand my customer's biggest pain points. This process took me 6 years, so be ready for a long journey!

Next direction

For Pineapple Builder, I want to continue focusing on what I love and enjoy - AI and empowering individuals and helping them build their businesses. This passion has given me the drive to persist for the last 2 years and will fuel me for the next 20 years as I will work to find unique solutions to the challenges faced by our target audience.

Enjoy your journey. Money will follow
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