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18 November 2022 -



How to prepare for Black Friday? 5️⃣ Tips 👇🏻


Not sure how to prepare for BF?

1️⃣ Yes, you should do it! Better any than none, to build your brand recognition

2️⃣ Give from 20%-30%, or 50% is 🚀

3️⃣ Create bundles

4️⃣ Push for annual plans

5️⃣ Set start and End date!!

Add your deal to list and get free promo 👇🏻


1️⃣ Yes, you can add your free deals, templates, courses etc. Anything to help people to start or build their startup

2️⃣ You don't have to go crazy with deals, remember it is also about marketing your product

3️⃣ Create bundles and cross-sell other products/ services you have

4️⃣ Push for annual plans as this is what most of us are looking for

*These offers usually don't apply to existing plans or customers

5️⃣ If you have all year deal it is not a deal! People can see it, and they want a deal that will push them to buy before the end date

👉🏻 Promote your deal just by adding it here and we will take do the rest http://pineapplebuilder...

If you are not sure if you can/ should add your deal. Just add it as we are vetting them all. Also you can set start date, so it won't be visible before.

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