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What does the Virtual Staging do? is an AI-powered tool that allows users to upload images of empty rooms and virtually stage them by adding stylish furniture. Users can regenerate the staged images multiple times to achieve the desired look.

Who is the Virtual Staging for?

This tool is ideal for real estate photographers, agents, brokerages, and property managers looking to enhance their property listings quickly and cost-effectively.

What are the main benefits of using the Virtual Staging?

- Save up to 90% on staging costs
- Quick staging process (under a minute per image)
- Flexible pay-per-image credit system
- Multiple style options for furniture
- Ability to regenerate images for perfection

What do other users say about the Virtual Staging?

Users praise for its cost-effectiveness and speed, noting significant savings and convenience over traditional staging methods. Real estate professionals highlight the tool's ability to quickly produce high-quality staged images that enhance property listings.

How much does the Virtual Staging cost? offers a freemium model with additional services at $20/month. Users can also purchase pay-per-image credits starting at $5 per image, available in packs of 1, 5, 25, and 100.

Use Cases for Virtual Staging:

Enhancing Real Estate Listings helps real estate professionals enhance their property listings by providing quick and cost-effective virtual staging solutions.

Improving Property Sale Potential

By allowing potential buyers to visualize a furnished property, increases the likelihood of property sales and rental agreements.

Cost Reduction in Property Marketing

The tool significantly reduces the costs associated with traditional staging, making it accessible for properties at all price points.

Streamlining Property Photography

Photographers can use to quickly stage multiple properties, reducing turnaround time and increasing client satisfaction.


The Most Common Questions is an AI-powered tool that transforms empty room images into beautifully staged properties in seconds.

Key features include multiple furniture style options, a pay-per-image credit system, and the ability to regenerate staged images.

It offers a faster, more cost-effective solution with flexible pricing and high-quality results, distinguishing it from traditional staging services.

Yes, offers a freemium version allowing users to test the service before purchasing additional credits.

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