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From Prototype to Production: Master LLM with Vellum



What does the Vellum do?

Vellum is a platform designed to streamline the development and management of LLM-powered applications. It offers tools for prompt engineering, semantic search, prompt chaining, evaluations, and monitoring, enabling users to take their LLM features from prototype to production efficiently.

Who is the Vellum for?

Vellum is ideal for developers, product teams, and enterprises looking to integrate and scale LLM-powered applications within their operations. It supports both technical and non-technical users in various industries.

What are the main benefits of using the Vellum?

- Streamlined LLM application development
- Tools for prompt engineering and semantic search
- Efficient prompt chaining and evaluations
- Robust monitoring and debugging capabilities
- Supports rapid prototyping and deployment

What do other users say about the Vellum?

Users praise Vellum for its comprehensive features that support prompt testing, deployment, and production monitoring. Features are quickly added upon request, and the platform is noted for its ease of use and effectiveness in managing production traffic.

How much does the Vellum cost?

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Use Cases for Vellum:

Workflow Automation

Automate complex workflows by integrating LLM features into your systems, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Utilize Vellum's tools to analyze data and generate insights, aiding in more informed decision-making across your organization.

Improved Customer Interactions

Enhance customer service by deploying LLM-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, providing timely and accurate responses.

Advanced Data Analysis

Leverage LLM capabilities for deep data analysis, helping to uncover trends and insights that can drive business strategy.


The Most Common Questions

Vellum provides a comprehensive suite of tools for prompt engineering, semantic search, prompt chaining, evaluations, and monitoring, facilitating the entire lifecycle of LLM-powered applications.

Yes, Vellum is designed to empower both technical and non-technical teams, allowing them to experiment with prompts and models without impacting production environments.

Vellum distinguishes itself with robust tools for prompt engineering, rapid prototyping, and a strong focus on production readiness and monitoring.

Vellum offers Github-style release management, Datadog-style monitoring, and a tight feedback loop to ensure reliable deployment and continuous improvement of LLM applications.

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