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What does the Typeface do?

Typeface is a generative AI platform designed for enterprises, offering tools to create personalized, on-brand content across various formats. It features multimodal capabilities, integrating with existing workflows and ensuring content security and brand consistency.

Who is the Typeface for?

Typeface is ideal for large businesses and enterprises looking to enhance their content creation processes. It is particularly beneficial for marketing teams, content creators, and brand managers who require consistent and scalable content solutions.

What are the main benefits of using the Typeface?

- Personalized, on-brand content generation
- Multimodal content capabilities (text, images, video)
- Integration with existing business tools and workflows
- High standards of safety, governance, and trust
- Private AI models and secure content ownership

What do other users say about the Typeface?

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How much does the Typeface cost?

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Use Cases for Typeface:

Enhancing Enterprise Content Creation

Typeface enhances operational efficiency by streamlining content creation across multiple formats and integrating seamlessly with existing business tools.

Improving Brand Consistency

Typeface supports decision-making in content strategy by maintaining brand consistency and personalization at scale.

Personalizing Customer Interactions

By learning brand specifics, Typeface allows businesses to tailor content for different audiences, enhancing customer engagement.

Generating Multimodal Content Insights

Typeface provides insights by analyzing content performance across different modalities, helping to refine marketing strategies.


The Most Common Questions

Typeface can generate text, images, and videos, all personalized to reflect your brand's unique style and message.

Typeface integrates seamlessly with various business tools and platforms, including Salesforce, to enhance workflow efficiency and content management.

Typeface sets itself apart with deep brand personalization, multimodal capabilities, and a strong focus on content security and brand governance.

While Typeface is primarily designed for larger enterprises, smaller businesses can also benefit from its features, especially those looking to scale their content creation efforts.

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