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What does the Tome do?

Tome is an AI-native research and presentation platform designed to automate sales research and deck personalization, leveraging internal and external data sources to streamline the sales process for GTM teams.

Who is the Tome for?

Tome is ideal for sales and marketing teams, especially those in enterprises looking for efficient ways to create personalized and engaging presentations.

What are the main benefits of using the Tome?

- Automates sales research and deck personalization
- Mobile-responsive design for viewing on any device
- Engagement analytics to track viewer interaction
- Generative presentations to quickly draft and customize decks
- AI personalization for enterprise users

What do other users say about the Tome?

“Tome makes it possible for us to deliver persuasive, personalized pitches to every customer, helping us move deals along faster and close more of them.”

How much does the Tome cost?

Tome offers a free Basic plan without AI features, a Professional plan at $16 per month, and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing. Contact sales for more details on the Enterprise plan.

Use Cases for Tome:

Streamlining Sales Processes

Automate sales research and deck personalization to streamline the entire sales process, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Use engagement analytics to make informed decisions about presentation strategies based on viewer interactions and feedback.

Improved Customer Interactions

Personalize presentations based on customer data, enhancing engagement and relevance during pitches.

Data-Driven Presentation Insights

Leverage data from internal sources like Salesforce to create presentations that are both informative and tailored to specific audiences.


The Most Common Questions

Tome is an AI-powered platform that helps sales and marketing teams create personalized and engaging presentations by automating research and customization.

Key features include layout automation, engagement analytics, generative presentations, AI text generation, and AI personalization for enterprise users.

Tome distinguishes itself with its AI-driven personalization capabilities and integration of internal data sources for creating highly customized presentations.

Yes, Tome offers a Basic plan that is free of charge, although it does not include AI features.

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