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What does the Tangia do?

Tangia allows streamers to enhance viewer interaction during live streams. Viewers can control game scenarios like giving streamers god armor, initiating zombie fights, or creating challenging situations. It integrates directly with streaming platforms like Twitch through an extension and offers features like Tangia Parties and customizable Twitch Alerts.

Who is the Tangia for?

Tangia is designed for live streamers, particularly those on Twitch, looking to increase viewer engagement and interaction during their streams. It's suitable for streamers of all sizes, from beginners to professionals.

What are the main benefits of using the Tangia?

- Enhances viewer engagement and interaction
- Customizable viewer-triggered events
- Direct integration with Twitch
- Variety of interactive scenarios for streams
- Freemium model with accessible basic features

What do other users say about the Tangia?

No reviews.

How much does the Tangia cost?

Tangia offers a freemium model where basic features are available for free, with advanced features accessible through paid upgrades.

Use Cases for Tangia:

Enhancing Viewer Engagement

Tangia enhances live streaming by allowing viewers to interact directly with the stream's content, increasing viewer retention and satisfaction.

Interactive Stream Management

Streamers can manage their streams interactively, making decisions based on viewer interactions and feedback, leading to more dynamic and engaging content.

Customizable Viewer Interactions

Tangia allows streamers to set up customizable interactions, such as challenges and rewards, tailored to their audience's preferences, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Real-time Feedback and Adjustments

Streamers receive real-time feedback from viewers through interactive features, enabling immediate adjustments to the stream for optimal engagement.


The Most Common Questions

Tangia enhances live streaming by enabling viewer interactions such as controlling game scenarios, initiating challenges, and more, directly influencing the stream's content.

Key features include viewer-triggered events, Twitch integration, customizable alerts, and interactive parties based on viewer contributions.

Tangia stands out by offering a direct integration with Twitch, customizable interactions, and a variety of engagement tools that cater specifically to streamers' needs.

Concerns might include managing inappropriate viewer interactions and ensuring a balance between engagement and content quality. Tangia provides tools to moderate and control these aspects effectively.

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