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What does the Superhuman do?

Superhuman is an AI-powered email platform designed to help individuals and teams manage their email more efficiently. It offers features like AI-driven email drafting, automatic triage of incoming emails, follow-up reminders, and the ability to see when emails are read. The tool integrates with Gmail and Outlook, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

Who is the Superhuman for?

Superhuman is ideal for busy professionals, teams, and organizations that rely heavily on email communication. It's particularly beneficial for roles in leadership, sales, customer service, and project management, where efficient email management can significantly impact productivity and responsiveness.

What are the main benefits of using the Superhuman?

- Saves time by automating email responses and follow-ups
- Reduces email anxiety with efficient management tools
- Enhances responsiveness to important communications
- Provides insights into email read status for better follow-up timing
- Allows for seamless integration with Gmail and Outlook

What do other users say about the Superhuman?

Users report significant time savings and reduced stress related to email management. Teams appreciate the enhanced ability to make decisions and respond quickly. The tool is praised for its user-friendly interface and effective productivity features.

How much does the Superhuman cost?

Superhuman is a paid service, available at $30 per month. This pricing model provides full access to all features, including AI-driven email management and productivity tools.

Use Cases for Superhuman:

Streamlining Email Management for Teams

Superhuman helps teams manage their email by automatically categorizing and prioritizing incoming messages, allowing members to focus on the most important tasks.

Enhancing Decision-Making with Timely Information

By providing real-time notifications and read statuses, Superhuman enables users to make informed decisions based on the timely receipt and acknowledgment of emails.

Improving Customer Service with Faster Response Times

Superhuman's AI features enable customer service teams to respond more quickly and effectively to client inquiries, improving overall customer satisfaction.

Gaining Insights from Email Engagement

The platform offers analytics on email open rates and engagement, helping users to optimize their communication strategies for better results.


The Most Common Questions

Superhuman uses AI to automate and prioritize email tasks, reducing the time spent on managing emails and increasing overall productivity.

Key features include AI-driven email drafting, automatic email triage, follow-up reminders, read status insights, and integration with major email platforms.

Superhuman stands out by offering a faster, AI-enhanced email experience that integrates seamlessly with existing email services and provides unique productivity features.

Some users may find the cost higher than traditional email services, but the productivity gains and advanced features justify the investment for many.

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