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What does the Spellbook do?

Spellbook leverages GPT-4 and other large language models to review, suggest, and draft contract language directly within Microsoft Word. It offers features like instant redline generation, drafting of new clauses, and detection of unusual terms, tailored specifically for legal professionals.

Who is the Spellbook for?

Spellbook is designed for legal teams and professionals involved in contract drafting and review. It's particularly beneficial for law firms, corporate legal departments, and freelancers handling legal documentation.

What are the main benefits of using the Spellbook?

- Speeds up contract drafting by 10x
- Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word
- Provides high-quality, context-aware suggestions
- Detects and highlights unusual or problematic terms
- Supports comprehensive contract review across datarooms

What do other users say about the Spellbook?

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How much does the Spellbook cost?

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Use Cases for Spellbook:

Enhancing Legal Document Management

Spellbook streamlines the contract review process, making it faster and more accurate by automatically suggesting and drafting necessary legal language.

Improving Contract Negotiation

By suggesting common negotiation points and missing clauses, Spellbook aids legal professionals in securing better contract terms.

Automating Contract Analysis

Spellbook automatically detects key issues and unusual terms in contracts, facilitating quicker decision-making.

Generating Legal Insights

Utilizes its training on diverse datasets like Wikipedia to provide factual insights relevant to contract terms.


The Most Common Questions

Spellbook uses AI to review, suggest, and draft contract language within Microsoft Word, tailored for legal use.

Key features include instant redline generation, drafting new clauses, and automatic detection of unusual terms.

It's the only tool that integrates GPT-4 technology specifically tuned for legal contracting within Microsoft Word.

Spellbook requires Microsoft Word for full functionality.

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