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What does the Paddle do?

Paddle simplifies and automates billing operations for SaaS companies. It offers a complete billing solution for digital products, including payments, tax, and subscription management. Paddle also provides tools like ProfitWell Metrics for revenue reporting, Price Intelligently for pricing insights, and Retain for recovering failed payments and increasing customer retention.

Who is the Paddle for?

Paddle is designed for B2B and B2C software companies looking to streamline their billing operations. It's ideal for SaaS businesses that want to offload the complexities of payments, tax compliance, and subscription management. Companies aiming to reduce churn, recover failed payments, and gain pricing insights will benefit the most from Paddle.

What are the main benefits of using the Paddle?

- Simplifies billing operations for SaaS companies
- Automates payments, tax, and subscription management
- Provides accurate revenue reporting with ProfitWell Metrics
- Offers pricing insights through Price Intelligently
- Recovers failed payments and increases customer retention with Retain
- Takes on liability for sales tax compliance and fraud
- Handles billing-related support queries

What do other users say about the Paddle?

Users commend Paddle for its all-in-one platform that handles payments, subscriptions, and taxes seamlessly. However, some users point out that the platform's setup can be complex and requires some technical knowledge and support is unresponsive.

How much does the Paddle cost?

5% + $0.50 per transaction, with custom pricing for large-scale businesses

Use Cases for Paddle:

Streamline Billing Operations

Paddle automates and simplifies billing operations, allowing SaaS companies to focus on growth rather than administrative tasks. It handles payments, tax, and subscription management, reducing operational complexities.

Enhance Pricing Strategies

With Price Intelligently, Paddle provides data-driven insights to help SaaS companies develop effective pricing strategies. This helps businesses solve unique pricing challenges and optimize their revenue models.

Improve Customer Retention

Paddle's Retain tool automatically recovers failed payments, helping SaaS companies reduce churn and increase customer retention. This ensures a more stable and predictable revenue stream.

Gain Revenue Insights

ProfitWell Metrics offers accurate and accessible revenue reporting for subscription and SaaS companies. This helps businesses keep a finger on the pulse of their financial health and make informed decisions.


The Most Common Questions

Paddle simplifies and automates billing operations for SaaS companies, handling payments, tax, and subscription management. It also offers tools for revenue reporting, pricing insights, and recovering failed payments.

Paddle's core features include automated billing operations, payments, tax compliance, subscription management, revenue reporting with ProfitWell Metrics, pricing insights with Price Intelligently, and failed payment recovery with Retain.

Paddle stands out by acting as a merchant of record, taking on liability for sales tax compliance and fraud. It also handles all billing-related support queries and offers a comprehensive suite of tools for revenue reporting, pricing insights, and customer retention.

B2B and B2C software companies, especially SaaS businesses, can benefit from using Paddle. It's ideal for companies looking to streamline billing operations, reduce churn, recover failed payments, and gain valuable pricing and revenue insights.

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