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What does the Glimpse do?

Glimpse is an AI-powered browser extension that transforms your browsing experience by enabling you to interact directly with any website through its chat feature. It provides real-time, accurate answers and information by understanding the content of the website you are viewing. Additionally, Glimpse Search acts like a supercharged search engine within your browser, delivering direct answers by scanning multiple websites simultaneously.

Who is the Glimpse for?

Glimpse is ideal for students, researchers, and professionals who frequently seek information online and prefer a streamlined, efficient way to access data. It's particularly useful for those who need quick answers without the hassle of navigating through multiple tabs or extensive search results.

What are the main benefits of using the Glimpse?

- Real-time, accurate information from open web pages
- Streamlined browsing experience without switching tabs
- Direct answers from multiple sources with Glimpse Search
- Enhanced productivity by reducing time spent on searching
- Cited responses for deeper research and verification

What do other users say about the Glimpse?

No reviews.

How much does the Glimpse cost?

Glimpse is available for free.

Use Cases for Glimpse:

Enhancing Research Efficiency

Glimpse can significantly speed up the research process by providing instant answers and insights directly from the content of currently viewed websites, eliminating the need for multiple searches.

Improving Decision Making

By offering immediate access to information and data from various sources, Glimpse aids in making informed decisions quickly, especially in fast-paced environments.

Optimizing Educational Tasks

Students and educators can benefit from Glimpse by obtaining quick explanations and answers to complex questions directly from educational websites, enhancing learning and teaching efficiency.

Streamlining Content Verification

Glimpse helps users verify the credibility of information by providing cited sources and direct responses, which is crucial for journalists, researchers, and academics.


The Most Common Questions

Glimpse is an AI browser extension that allows you to chat with and get answers directly from any website you visit, enhancing your browsing and research experience.

Key features include real-time information retrieval, direct answers from multiple sources, and the ability to interact with websites via an AI chat interface.

Unlike typical extensions, Glimpse provides answers using information from the websites you frequently visit and offers cited sources for deeper research, making it more tailored and reliable.

Common queries include concerns about privacy and data security. Glimpse ensures user data protection in accordance with its privacy policy and does not store personal browsing history.

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