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What does the FileGPT do?

FileGPT allows users to interact with various file types including PDFs, DOCs, TXT files, audios, YouTube videos, and webpages using a GPT-powered AI. It supports querying across multiple sources simultaneously, making it easier to get comprehensive answers without switching between files.

Who is the FileGPT for?

FileGPT is ideal for students, researchers, and professionals who need to manage large amounts of information across various file formats. It's particularly useful for those in academic, legal, and data-intensive fields.

What are the main benefits of using the FileGPT?

- Interact with multiple file types using a single query
- Supports large files and long texts
- Extracts and analyzes content from handwritten documents and multimedia
- Cost-effective solution for managing and querying information
- Enhances productivity by reducing time spent on searching and organizing files

What do other users say about the FileGPT?

- Jacob Thompson, History Major: Positive feedback on ease of use.
- Arjun Gupta, Program Manager: Appreciates the multi-format support.
- Anya Zhang, Data Scientist: Values the smart content parsing feature.

How much does the FileGPT cost?

FileGPT offers a free version with basic features. For extended usage, plans start at $18 per month, providing more comprehensive access and capabilities.

Use Cases for FileGPT:

Enhancing Research Efficiency

FileGPT can significantly speed up research processes by allowing users to query multiple documents and receive synthesized answers from various sources.

Improving Decision Making

By providing quick access to needed information across different file types, FileGPT aids in making informed decisions faster.

Streamlining Content Management

FileGPT helps in organizing and managing content efficiently, making it easier to access and analyze information from multiple sources.

Data Analysis and Insights

FileGPT can extract and analyze data from various documents, offering insights that are crucial for data-driven strategies.


The Most Common Questions

FileGPT is a Large Language Model (LLM) based App that can be used to ask and interact with contents from multiple formats.

Absolutely, you can try out FileGPT for free; however, if you wish to increase your usage you'll need to upgrade your account.

You can check our pricing options by visiting our Pricing page.

FileGPT supports larger files and longer texts, and it allows you to ask multiple files and integrate them in a single answer.

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