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What does the Boords do?

Boords is an online storyboarding tool designed to accelerate the pre-production process for video professionals. It features AI-driven character generation, scene visualization, and storyboard variation capabilities. The platform offers a drag-and-drop interface, extensive stock libraries, and tools for script and image generation, making it easy to create professional storyboards quickly.

Who is the Boords for?

Boords is tailored for video professionals, including filmmakers, animators, and advertising agencies. It's ideal for teams needing to streamline communication and collaboration during the storyboard creation process.

What are the main benefits of using the Boords?

- Accelerates storyboard creation with AI tools
- Simplifies team collaboration with centralized communication features
- Reduces production delays with quick storyboard modifications
- Enhances security with robust privacy controls
- Supports multiple export options for seamless production transitions

What do other users say about the Boords?

No reviews.

How much does the Boords cost?

Boords offers a paid subscription starting at $29 per month.

Use Cases for Boords:

Streamlining Pre-Production for Video Projects

Boords helps video teams accelerate the storyboard creation process, reducing time spent in pre-production and enabling quicker project kick-offs.

Enhancing Creative Decision-Making

With AI-generated characters and scenes, Boords allows creative teams to visualize and refine storyboard ideas more effectively, supporting better decision-making.

Improving Client and Team Interaction

Boords facilitates better communication between creatives and clients through features like commenting, approvals, and real-time updates, enhancing collaboration and feedback.

Securing and Managing Production Assets

Boords ensures the security of storyboard assets with password protection and project-level access control, aiding in the management and confidentiality of production materials.


The Most Common Questions

Boords is an online tool that helps video professionals create and manage storyboards efficiently, integrating AI to speed up the process.

Key features include AI-driven character and scene generation, a drag-and-drop interface, stock libraries, and tools for script and image generation.

Boords distinguishes itself with its AI capabilities, comprehensive communication tools, and robust security features, making it a superior choice for professional storyboard creation.

Boords offers password protection, project-level access control, and custom workspace URLs to ensure the privacy and security of your storyboards.

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