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What does the Boltai do?

BoltAI is a native ChatGPT app designed specifically for Mac users. It integrates AI assistance directly into your workflow, supporting platforms like OpenAI, Anthropic, Azure AI Service, OpenRouter, Mistral, Groq, and local LLMs. Key features include an AI coding assistant within your IDE, a prompt library, custom AI assistants, and secure data handling. It helps users generate high-quality content quickly, learn faster, and enhance productivity without needing to switch contexts.

Who is the Boltai for?

BoltAI is ideal for professionals who want to enhance their productivity using AI. This includes developers, writers, managers, and entrepreneurs who need AI assistance for coding, content creation, and daily task management. It's also suitable for anyone looking to integrate AI into their personal knowledge management tools or workflows.

What are the main benefits of using the Boltai?

- Seamless Integration: Works directly within your macOS apps, eliminating the need for context switching.
- Custom AI Assistants: Tailor AI behavior to specific tasks or roles.
- Prompt Library: Access a variety of prompts to maximize AI utility.
- High Security: Stores keys securely in Apple Keychain and redacts sensitive data automatically.
- Privacy Focused: No in-app analytics or middle servers; data is kept local.
- Versatile: Supports multiple AI platforms and local LLMs.
- User-Friendly: No account required; easy setup with your API key.

What do other users say about the Boltai?

“BoltAI is almost my daily companion in managing my business operations from writing and coding to answering support messages. It helps me to quickly fix grammar and syntax typos and allows me to ask questions about my code without quitting my IDE.”

“I have been using Bolt for quite some time now and been absolutely loving every part of the experience. Super intuitive!”

“GPT is amazing but I want it everywhere. That what BoltAI does! Plus all GPT great features like command, plugin or multi API. Daniel make it better every day! I cannot even follow. Honestly I feel it’s a gift for the price.”

“My company provides critical software services for customers such as Spotify, Google, Coinbase, Binance, and many others. We use AI in our workflows (custom developed as well as LLMs) but there was no tool before BoltAI that tightly integrated LLMs into my workflow. I always had to click out, leave my current task, go to ChatGPT or similar and come back which broke my flow. BoltAI makes everything effortless. It's a superpower.”

How much does the Boltai cost?

Software licensing options: Basic at $33/user includes essential chat features and a perpetual license; Plus at $51/user adds AI image generation and web browsing plugins; Premium at $71/user includes unlimited plugins and priority support, all with one year of updates.

Use Cases for Boltai:

Boost Operational Efficiency

BoltAI integrates AI assistance directly into your macOS apps, allowing you to perform tasks like coding, writing, and managing operations without switching contexts. This seamless integration boosts operational efficiency by saving time and reducing workflow interruptions.

Enhance Decision-Making

With BoltAI, you can leverage AI to provide insights and suggestions in real-time as you work on reports, emails, or code. This helps in making more informed decisions quickly, enhancing the overall quality and speed of your decision-making process.

Improve Customer Interactions

BoltAI can assist in drafting and refining customer support messages, ensuring clear and effective communication. The AI can also help in quickly resolving customer queries by providing accurate information, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Data Analysis and Insights

Use BoltAI to analyze data and generate insights without leaving your current application. Whether it's parsing through large datasets or generating reports, BoltAI can help you make sense of complex information efficiently.


The Most Common Questions

BoltAI is a native ChatGPT app for Mac that integrates AI assistance into your daily tasks. It supports multiple AI platforms and local LLMs, offering features like an AI coding assistant, custom AI assistants, a prompt library, and secure data handling.

Core features include seamless integration with macOS apps, custom AI assistants, a prompt library, high security with Apple Keychain, privacy-focused operations, and support for multiple AI platforms and local LLMs.

BoltAI stands out by offering native macOS integration, eliminating the need for context switching. It also provides high security with Apple Keychain, no in-app analytics, and the ability to create custom AI assistants tailored to specific tasks.

Yes, BoltAI operates locally on your device, with no user input or prompts stored or sent to external servers. Your OpenAI API key is securely stored in the Apple Keychain, and the app includes automatic redaction of sensitive data to ensure privacy.

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