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What does the Adept do?

Adept is developing a machine learning model, ACT-1, designed to interact with all software on your computer using natural language commands. It aims to transform plain language goals into actionable tasks across various applications like Salesforce, Google Sheets, and more.

Who is the Adept for?

Adept is ideal for professionals across various industries who rely on multiple software tools for their daily tasks. It's particularly beneficial for those looking to streamline operations and enhance productivity through AI.

What are the main benefits of using the Adept?

- Streamlines software interactions
- Enhances productivity by automating tasks
- Supports a wide range of applications
- Easy to use with natural language commands
- Designed to work collaboratively with human input

What do other users say about the Adept?

“Adept aims to build AI that can automate any software process.” -
“A wave of AI experts left Google, Deepmind and Meta — the race is on.” -

How much does the Adept cost?

Contact for Pricing

Use Cases for Adept:

Streamlining Daily Software Operations

Automate routine tasks across various software tools, reducing manual input and speeding up workflows.

Enhancing Decision-Making

Provides data-driven insights and automations that help in making informed decisions quickly.

Improving Customer Interactions

Automates customer-related tasks like updating contacts and setting reminders, enhancing customer service efficiency.

Advanced Data Analysis and Insights

Generates and updates data reports, like profit and loss columns, facilitating better financial analysis.


The Most Common Questions

Adept uses AI to interpret natural language commands and perform tasks on various software applications, streamlining your workflow.

Key features include natural language processing, cross-application functionality, and user-centered design for collaborative work.

Adept is unique in its ability to interact with any software tool, API, or website, driven by its advanced machine learning model, ACT-1.

Common queries include concerns about integration with existing systems and the learning curve for new users. Adept is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

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