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A passionate team with a mission to create the most straightforward online tool all about sharing knowledge and making money!


Our challenge

We live in a world where knowledge is power. But sharing our skills and learnings can be difficult, especially when the only forum we have are centralized social media platforms that take away the ownership of our content and limit us in expressing ourselves uniquely. Though personal websites are often seen as an attractive alternative, they can be difficult to create and maintain.

Building your own site often requires knowledge in coding and design, but it's even more challenging if you want to build engagement with users. The whole process of creating and updating a website can become a truly overwhelming experience.


Empower people to share ideas and make money

We all have some great experiences to share. Maybe it is this rocky path of building a startup and not going crazy – like our founder Peter? Or some other unique skill that you mastered and would like to share? We are sure that you have something great to talk about, so now let us help you make a real dollar out of it!


We are building a website builder with AI-powered features that will allow anyone to share their knowledge and monetize.

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We believe that in order to progress as a society we need to support each other. This is why we provide tools to grow your personal brand or business and create revenue.



We provide a simple, no-code, AI-powered tool that helps you to generate your custom website in minutes.



As creators ourselves we understand how important it is to own your content. The website you create in Pineapple is entirely yours.

We are here to help

Let us know if you have any questions,

or ideas or just want to follow our journey 👇🏻

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